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– The elson axial compression sleeve fittngs and sleeve system are Watermark approved (Certificate number:21276) and certified to AS/NZS 2537
– The elson fittng is proven and tested with over 10 years of successfu
service history in Australia
– The joining concept relies on the distinctive elastic features of the elson BUSHPEX pipe to achieve a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself
– elson BUSHPEX Pull-On Fittings provide for a solid, permanent, manufactured connection without the need for flame, glues, solder or flux.
– The proven memory performance of elson BUSHPEX PEX-a piping forms a tight seal around the fittings resulting in a strong reliable water tigh
– elson BUSHPEX Pull-On Fittings are available in a high tensile strength DZ (Dezincification Resistant) brass for pipe dimensions including DN16,DN20,DN25 and DN32.
– Safe and secure permanent compression sleeve connections can be done quickly
– High tensile strength brass fittngs for greater resistance to cracking and chemical attack from solvents and glues.
– Self-sealing PEX-a material joinng connection without the use of an O-ring
– Increased hydraulic properties from the full flow fitting design
– Joining requires no solder, flame, fluxes, glues or solvents.
– Corrosion free with no scale or corrosion build -up.
– Simple visual inspection following installation.
– Joint can be pressure tested immediately after installation

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